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  • How long does it take to clean my BBQ?
    Depends on the size of the BBQ, the severity of cleaning needed, the amount of accessories or parts. To get the best quote send a picture of the outside of the BBQ, another with the lid open, and a picture under the grates and any accessories or areas you may want cleaned. Extras include drawers, cabinets, countertops, flat tops for your outdoor kitchen or grill. Please send your pictures and details to or 604-910-6757
  • Is the quote provided the final price?
    Pricing is not fixed. We try to provide an accurate and fair quote with the images given but prices may be subject to change due to lack of images, details or extras pertaining the grill's current state upon arrival.
  • Will it cause a huge mess?
    No. We are extra careful and take extra precautionary steps to ensure no mess is left behind. We use tarps, disposable booties for our shoes, towels , etc. Our steam machine has lower PSI than a pressure washer so it does not cause major overspray!
  • Is it a noisy job?
    The beginning prep work can be slightly noisy as there is a lot of scraping and jarring of parts , but generally speaking- NO it isnt noisy. Our steam machine is electric and portable on smooth casters- nothing like a power washer, it's virtually silent.
  • Do i have to be present for the job?
    If we are servicing the interior of your household, such as mattresses, ovens, hood range, tile/grout, than yes, we prefer you are there as we may need access to certain rooms or other areas of the house. For BBQ cleaning- No, you don't need to be present. We only ask we have access to water, and an electrical outlet, and a place to make water changes. If you live in an apartment, or condo than Yes we do need you to be home during the process as tnere is usually no water or drainage on the patio.
  • Do i have to be present for invoicing?
    No. You can pay later, but preferrably within 24 hours of servicing! We can send you an invoice VIA Square, in which you get a digital copy of your receipt
  • What kind of payment do you accept?
    We utilize Square invoicing in which it accepts all major credit cards -American Express -Visa -Mastercard -Discovery * Also Interac Debit card transactions! We also accept E-transfer and cane make out a receipt for you if you request it. Sorry, No cheques, or money orders accepted.
  • Can you perform any repairs?
    No, sorry we do not repair anything, but we can reference you to a professional who can handle any repair you may need.
  • What if my bbq needs a new part or something replaced?
    We take a look at everything as we clean seeing as we clean every part and layer of the grill, it gives us an opportunity to make sure everything is as it should be and if its not we will make a note of it and even send you the best link with the best price to order it in.
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